Sunday, January 26, 2014

Evening Feed


I have always enjoyed doing evening chores at the barn- especially in winter.....  The horses have all been outside for a good part of the day, and are MORE than ready to come into the barn for dinner. Even though they've been eating hay all afternoon, still they're ready. We have had to have a 'swing shift' here due to the bitter cold, and this coming week isn't looking any better. Yuck.

We have it down to perfection, this mid winter deep freeze animal care. It's so nice to see shiny coated horses ( well, SOME who's names I won't mention - are yellowish.) warm n' cozy in our barn for the evening. The hens (and RC) are safe inside their little house - plenty of corn and fresh water for them. They have been taking dirt baths in there- so when I need to fill their little red dish up with food ? I've gotta search for it !

Glenn & I have been doing most of it all, thanks to his retirement last month. Everyone has been telling me how I'll soon be sick and tired of having a husband around ALL the time, but so far ? I like it. I enjoy the company and he's a great help too !

He gets the feed dished out if needed, and while I keep track of what horse is on it's way inside, I slide the stall doors shut. Their hay, water and feed has already been added, so they are busily feeding their horsey faces immediately.

I like doing chores when it's gently snowing the best, I believe. Reminds me of being transported back in time when people did this all the time... Quiet, and just the sounds of horses munching on hay, knowing they will all be warm and safe for the night, no matter what comes of the weather. Same with my chickens..... they are safe n' cozy in the little red & blue house also.

Ah well I just saw on the news that we're going to be in another 'deep freeze' this coming week. Temps in the -3 areas with wind chills of -25 , once again. Life does get tough when it is that cold, and one owns animals.  

It seems to me as though this is becoming a normal item for this winter, but I sure would enjoy the temperatures back into the 40's for a bit..... 

Stay warm everyone- and if you have outside pets ? Bring them in somewhere where they are protected from the terribly cold weather.

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  1. Just blogging around and found your blog. So glad to see you here blogging. There are so many deserted blogs these days. Thank you for letting me visit.


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