Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Years, belated.


Well, we about missed both of these holidays. Christmas was quite and peaceful. I can't wait to go 'treasure hunting' with my gift of a metal detector !  Ever since, the ground has been frozen solid.... And even if I DID "find" anything, there's no way to dig it up. Kind of like getting a sled for Christmas and have the weather hold steady at 40 degrees.  Ahhhhhhhhhh, spring will be here soon enough and THEN perhaps I can go treasure hunting??

We had a big black guest visiting here. She stayed for a week, during the PA Farm Show ( which is a glorified State Fair held in January), so her owners didn't have to travel back n' forth to their barn to feed/water just one mare. Cady was great fun to have here but wow, does she demand to be fed FIRST !!!!   Adding one more stall to be cleaned certainly made a difference here.

We both got hit with a wicked flu bug over New Years day, and are still coughing, sniffling,etc but are feeling better each day. Like all horse women- I don't have the luxury of staying in bed to get better. Nope- twice daily trips to the barn sweating out where it was often below freezing sure is not good towards getting over being sick.  But, I AM getting better at long last.

The Girls did fine this week when we had the so called "polar vortex" . Oh my word- it was SO COLD, my camera told me there was no way in hades it was taking any photos. Between the couple of gals who got here to help out, we got everyone cared for. When it was finally warm enough to let the hens n' RC  out, oh my, did they all run around like crazy.  Some held their wings up , running all over, some just wandered about, looking for bugs ( no bugs, sorry) or simply running, zig-zagging all over the area. Two almost ran into each other . RC just stood up in the doorway, crowing for all he was worth. He responds to anything that makes noise, and the crowing begins. Again- "eraser' brains'' strike again.  All in all, they are all fine and I Think have finally stopped molting. What IS it with chickens and molting so late in the year ?  I had more bald hinied hens around ! I felt bad for Liza who lost a LOT of her gorgeous speckled feathers . She's back to being gorgeous again , happily for her.

That's it for this time. I hope everyone has survived their holidays, and are looking forward to what 2014 has to dish out.  Here, I'm looking forward to a lot of different things- mostly "horsey" .

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