Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NOW Winter arrives ..............


It was almost an easy winter here, but I knew better to believe that January n' February would be as kind as December had been.

We have had one "polar vortex'' that all but froze us completely.... got thru that ( with the flu, too.) and then one almost pleasant week .  But yesterday, it all began again.  LUCKILY our farm only got a few inches of snow- the kind of 'squeaky' snow that tells a person that by gosh, it's COLD outside.  This morning, however ?

HA. Minus 4 here at 8:30 AM.  Let me tell  ya- I just didn't want to go to the barn at all. Wishing I could become a 'city' person til April, I donned the long undies, heavy warm boots, and a misc. grouping of clothes to help keep me warm- off I went. EVERYthing was frozen. Ice in all water buckets, the hose in the tack room didn't want to work, and wow, it was ( still is) COLD outside.

All the equines got their heavy winter turnouts put on, and after I put out plenty of hay for them, they all got put outside. Then came the not so fun part.  Breaking Ice. My super duper help handled getting water to the outside tubs after I'd broken all of the ice out and by then, my back felt like it had put in a whole days work.

We got busy in the barn- I removed the ice, refilled buckets and plugged in the heated ones full of water. Dished out hay to the empty stalls and to my Percherons too. They were all fuzzy !  Got their stalls all cleaned and re-bedded while the other stalls were cleaned out.

Whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.  All done for this morning and in a couple of hours ?  I get to go do it all over again .  Now, I like winter.  Generally speaking... but these temps ? No WAY.

Other areas of 'nearby' got hammered. Back where I came from originally had a good foot of snow !  Nooooooooooooooo thanks.  I'm content w/ what we have here now  :)

Below are a few photos I took last night.... My beloved husband dug a little trail to the barn.

Snow capped seed pods

Snowy hemlock branches:

See ? He does nice work, doesn't he ?  Thanks Glenn

No so much snow here :

Sadie n' Paddy happily snuggled in :


  1. You make me feel guilty for whining over our winter. Single digits through nights but we at least got into the 30 mark other than a couple of days when 20 was stretching it. I'm sure not hoss enough to be a Northern gal.

  2. Thanks Barbara ! I ( as well as many others) am SO ready for springtime.


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