Sunday, January 19, 2014

What Happened to The Horse Kids ????


Back when I was a little girl, I LOVED horses. I would do Anything to be around them..... Unhappily I did not grow up in so called "horse country", I just grew up in the country.There were few to no horses with in walking distance or even on my bicycle . I had to entertain my growing passion for horses via books, tv, and the occasional horse that someone would ride by our house on. I knew horses were around because I'd see the shoe marks  left as one had passed by.

After becoming an adult, there were Always horse loving kids who'd hang out at my barn. They'd be eager to learn- doing anything to be around the horses. There have been quite a few who have gone on to become proficient at showing and training that they had learned from me.

So, zoom forward to January 2014... WHAT happened to all of those horse crazy kids who'd be at the barn by dawn ? What happened to those kids that ate, breathed, and dreamed "horses" ? I don't know....

Perhaps the teenagers of today have gotten incredibly lazy, wanting things handed to them on a silver platter ( there are some here from championships but I'm not handing anything out on those!). These teenagers, and kids don't want to be at the barn when it is :   too hot, rainy, too cold,or when anything negative is happening with the weather outside.  Nope- they don't seem to care that horses need 24/7 care no matter What it's doing outside. 'Let someone else do it ' seems to be their thoughts.

Are their parents partly to blame - not wanting to get up, and dressed to drive their child to 'the barn' ?  Are they the ones telling their child that " they don't drive in This Weather" ?  Or that it's "too cold" or 'too hot" ??  Are they the ones teaching their youngsters that horses are merely part time ? That is is alright to not bother calling to let the barn manager know that something "more fun" came up and they wouldn't be there that day ? Do they even care if this "no show" routine destroys someone elses' day because they cannot be counted on ?

Or ,are the so called horse crazy ones of today
simply not caring enough to be there when it counts?
When their horse is not feeling well, or is lame or what ever.

I am finding this to be true. We offer free lessons to those who would like to trade time/ labor for learning. Do the kids / young adults want to come ? Sure, so long as it's a nice warm sunny day out. Otherwise ? Nooooooooooooooway.

So, here's to those who Did slave away at someone elses' barn - as a youngster or adult. Thank you for being available when it was snowing, raining,freezing cold or blistering hot..... for working along side another true horse person, and learning, learning, learning.

Here's to the REAL horse folks !

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