Thursday, October 30, 2014

What happens in the barn, Stays in the barn

yeah- and here I am blabbing them to everyone. < grins>

There are a few that will not be mentioned here because it would way to embarrassing to the "owner".... but the rest- oh for sure.

One just recently was a fella who was working with his horse and came out of the tack room a few days ago.... It seems that he hadn't been Okayed by our rooster, RC. Well RC figured he was not supposed to be up there without one of his " humans" being there. He waited until the fella walked out of the tack room, or was standing in the doorway and Rooster Cogburn nailed him. Yep- almost in his crotch area ! NOT smart- and RC had no idea how close he came to being a nice chicken dinner that day.

The thing for RC is if he decides he's brave enough to take on a human is to grab any body part of his , pick his mean ol' self up, stuff him under an arm and carry him around for a bit. This tends to baffle that chicken so much, that he doesn't even struggle to get free. He rolls his neck along in rhythm with your walking strides just as though he's walking instead. Goofy bird.... Remember this photo ?

One day I was standing out near the divider between the parking lot and grassy area ( marked by an old electric pole on the ground), watching a gal longeing her draft mare....  It was almost time to begin feeding dinner at the barn and I'd been giving her some pointers. Things were going along real nicely when the mare was making her circles a little wider. I decided to step back- remembering I was close to that pole on the ground- when ka bam !  I hit the pavement . It is a long ways down when one is tall, yanno ? At any rate, everything ceased and everyone there scurried over to make sure I was alright. Well- it seemed that I was and my ego was hurt only.... duh. 
Note to myself Watchwhere you are backing, dummy head 

I have been known to do 'stupid human tricks' in the past so folks are now on the alert in case I take a dump to the ground some where. Oh well...

There will be more of these as I remember them, but that's a few to whet your reading appetite !

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