Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pet ??? Chicken


This morning, a student was preparing her horse for a riding lesson...  the goats had been returned to their stall for "brunch" and to be out of our way, as were the hens.

Said horse was groomed, and tacked up, ready to go. The student climbed on, and we walked to the ring for the lesson. Normal kind of day at a horse farm, right ? All was safe, peaceful and quiet...

I was in the midst of teaching when something moving fast caught the corner of my eye. I ignored it, thinking it was a leaf blowing in the stiff breeze. Then it happened Again.  Turning to see just what was in a boarders' pony pasture, I saw one of our Lavender Hens running as Fast as her little chicken legs could go. Down the hill, wings held out to help with better balance and across the pasture she came.  It was Lilly , the little hen that I was so sure wouldn't live ! Down that hill, she ran, hopping along when she got going to fast for her legs to keep up. Across the flat area, and under the ring fence she ran- right across the ring to ME. She stood there, panting from her LONG trip to us.... asking to be picked up because she sure wasn't comfortable just standing there, all by herself.

And so there I was....  teaching a riding lesson, carrying a half grown Lavender Orpington hen ! She was so happy to be 'safe' with her foster mom and was content to be there in my arms.  When we were all done with the lesson, I carried her across the ring, and SHE had to walk the rest of the way up the hill to the barn. I bet Lilly slept well this evening. 
 It turns out that I am also loved by a chicken.

She tries hard to act like it's not important to be around me.
  This is Lilly walking towards me in the barn....
Here she is again- I can't go far with out her running along behind- Or in Front of me.

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