Tuesday, June 5, 2012

''Chicken herding Goats'' ????


Well, it seems I've seen it all.....  Have to explain this before it'll all make sense.

We have goats.

 Not "just goats" but Tennessee Fainting Goats ( Aka- Myotonic Goats). There are two of them- Misty & Malibu. By now they're around 5 months old. They arrived here via a good friend who raises this great breed of goats. I posted some photos of them in earlier blogs here, but now ? They have grown, and get into ALL things left around. Sweat shirts, soda bottles, water bottles, chicken houses, and more.... Its' a 'goat thing', I have learned from past goats. I have always wanted to try my hand at raising goats- and what better ones to have around a farm.  They stay small, are easy going, and not getting stressed much over things. But the best part is they Faint !  I always feel sorry for them when they do, but they're learning that bopping over onto the ground with all four legs stuck out straight is a normal thing. Goats with a sense of humor, they are .

SO, back to the other evening....The goat girls had been allowed to be loose in the barn and around the barn for the evening, while my working student & I got horse stalls cleaned ( actually SHE did the hard stuff- Thanks Dani !) , turned drafters out for the night, and brought the 'little' horses in after a long day outside stuffing their happy little faces. It was my assignment to find the new Lavender Orp chicks ( now almost full grown) and entice them to come into the barn and into their "house"-  the end horse stall- for the night. I found them, and Misty & Malibu had come along with me. They see me as a funny looking foster mom, I think.... anywhere I go, They Go. If I'm "lost" and they don't see me, they begin calling " MAAAAAAAAAAAA ! MAAAAAAAAAAA" in very loud goatie voices. Its not long before I call to them, and they come a-runnin in my direction.

Here I am- trying to get two rather independant young chickens from the outside of the barn and into the barn where they'll be safe for the night.  M&M are close on my heels, venturing out to grab a piece of weed, or to graze on some sweet clover. I get the Orps into the barn and they over shoot the stall door. When at full speed ( at least for short legged goatie girls ) - Here come Misty & Malibu up the aisle !  They run right past me, scaring the chickens, and stop at the other end of the barn. Misty realizes she has no clue where her "ma'' is and turns around, looking for me. She sees me waaaaaaaaaaaay down at the other end of the barn as does Malibu. Jokingly I tell them to
"Come on Girls- bring those chickens down to me ".... they come at a canter back down the aisle way- actually Chasing the two young chickens in my direction !  All I had to do was to be sure their door was opened, ( get Misty Back out of the chickens' night stall) and slide their door shut.

Laughing at all of these antics was grand - we ALL need a good belly laugh now and again, and that few minutes of goat herding gave us ours !

Life on this farm is good..... I have goats to now to help herd the chickens in for the night .

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