Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birding At WoodFinn


Summer Just arrived, and this past Spring we have had a good number of bird nests around the farm... one in our forsythia by the house- three little Robins. One in the hitch of our horse trailer- Smart mama Robin- no rain, no winds, no hot sun for her babies. One up in the hay loft- I believe those were Starlings... And one in the upper corner of the barn aisle, near the over head sliding door. Those are Carolina Wrens...http://www.berkscountyweb.com/birds/carolina_wren_1.htm
. that mama did a superb job of hatching / raising her family.  Teeny tiny small little birds- amazingly good parents, they were. We knew the eggs had hatched and had seen the mama Wren flying into the barn, feeding her little family many times.

This evening, however, one of the students wanted to get her horse used to the overhead door opening and closing while she was right there. So, I closed it and opened it a LOT. Finally the horse figured that the sliding door was only just a wee bit scary, and decided that perhaps stealing some hay was a better idea. Than being so scared one had to jump about and act like a goofball....

In doing this raising and pulling closed again- the door rattled and banged some. Apparently, this scared the now "big enough to fly"  baby Wrens. A friend had stayed to watch the (obvious) torture of the horse, and was learning as well. Something ever so small flew right across the barn aisle to the stall door on the other side! It was a little Wren- right out of the nest. My friend tried to catch it before the barn kitties saw it, and discovered that little bitty Wren youngsters are FAST. It flew into the wash bay and scurried into a small hole in one corner. ( the mice use this...)  After much searching and moving of stored items, the little bird was found. Ever so gently it was carried out of the barn so the mama Wren could find it easily.

Then there was Another one.  This one flew real well it turned out. We never did catch it, but we all hoped it would be fine, and live to tell it's tale .... There was one left behind in the nest and as I was leaving, I saw the mama Wren bringing it some tasty snacks. I'm Sure she will find the other two and care for them as well. I felt so bad at disturbing the babies- never even thought they were of flying age. I wish them well  !  Here it is, clinging to the block wall and trying to blend in...

 Wrens are one of my favorite wild birds. So terribly small and fragile, but mighty as can be.

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