Monday, April 19, 2010

Barn Spring Cleaning Day

 This past weekend we had our first official Barn Spring Cleaning day. Lots of friends came over to help and we got SO much done! The weather was chilly only until a person got working hard- then it was quite warm. The fences got repaired, staples added where needed, insulators slid up or down the wires to posts, and inside the barn, cobwebs were taken down. One boarder was busily staining the outsides of the stalls - his two kids really helped out a lot too ! Two friends under took the Big chore of cleaning the end stall where the Chaise is stored. This area had become a place to simply " put things"- so it was a bit cluttered. The tack room got a face lift as well- windows cleaned so they sparkled in the sunlight, the blinds even got washed off. All the nooks n' crannies got cleaned and re-organized and it wasn't long before we all had worked up a big appetite..... so once we were all done, we took a break for a late lunch. Yummmmmm- salads, dips,chips and hotdogs, along with some delicious desserts of banana bread n' brownies. The last thing we got accomplished was to slide the new ( to me ) Hen House around so it now faces the correct direction. The barn looks so fresh n' clean now- the little peeps couldn't even make it smell badly .

**Thank you ALL - you have no idea how much your help
and friendship is appreciated !**

                            This is Joan, cleaning the window blinds.... Whew they were filthy

Shanna's son modeling a helmet...

The Hen House Movers....
Fence Fixers... Scout supervising

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