Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter - chickens n' puppies

Happy Easter, everyone ! Hope your day was a great one. Ours was peaceful , warm and sunny. Sadie was allowed to meet my new baby chickens today for the 1st time. It was so nice, I carried their broooder outside so they could enjoy the sun, and Sadie was fascinated ! For those who don't know, Sadie is our 8 month old American Bulldog puppy.... and she's not ever seen chickens before.
She was amazed that they were alive- and I kept cooing to her in a lovey voice " awwww, what sweeeeeeeeeet little babies- We LOVE babies, Sadie.... goooooooood girl".  She kept looking at me, then back to the baby chicks. She even gave one a lick- So gently. I'm very glad she didn't think to taste one completely !

I am So glad this puppy is as kind and gentle as our other American Bulldog was. Sure am proud of her for not trying to eat a little morsel of chick !

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