Saturday, April 17, 2010

Its' Here, its' Here !

 Well the new (* highly used) hen house is here . It arrived Friday evening in the midst of one Big thunderstorm.  The husband & I drove for an hour to see it- pay for it, and then help the fellas I'd hired load it. All went well but there was no way it'd have fit in our pickup--- instead it was slid into a dump trailer ( big sturdy one) and off we all went towards WoodFinn !  It rained and sprinkled pretty much the whole drive home.  LOTS of traffic and I sat there in our truck hoping those guys had taken a 'less traveled' route than we had chosen. After all- My new ( highly used) hen house was with them !

We got to our farm earlier than they did, got the barn lights turned on and as it began to rain again, they arrived. Gee'd and haw'd the pickup with trailer and my hen's house around to almost the correct area I'd chosen. BUT- it was Backwards.... typical of my life it seems.   So it is here, filthy and has no little shutters on it because it wouldn't fit in the trailer.  We had to remove them and the front door so it'd fit .  There was no space left to spare once it was loaded.  Whew !

So here it is- in all its' not so pretty glory. I want to power wash the whole thing, and get the shutters / front door re-installed . THEN decide what color to re-paint it all !   Seems the previous owners' kids found a can of spray paint.....  But the good thing is that's Here, Paid for and Almost ready for the peeps !!

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