Friday, April 9, 2010

Scarlet's New Stall

It seems that my newest Appaloosa mare, Scarlet is now able to walk in from the pasture each evening all by herself. I had turned Scout out with her since the boarder left so they'd hopefully get to be friends....  They are getting along alright but far from Best friends. My guess would be they tolerate each other. Luckily they share a Big pasture.

The other evening, I haltered Scout and Scarlet was there letting me know that SHE knew where her stall was and that SHE could go in to the barn by Herself. I'd already done this a couple of times and she did really well. Walked to the barn, down the long aisle and right into her correct stall. I opened the pasture gate and let her go free. ( our farm is totally enclosed where the horses are- no fear of a loose horse ending up on a road)  She walked to the barn in front of Scout n' I- looking side to side ; totally relaxed.  She then trotted into the barn, and I could hear her trotting down the aisle, then nothing.  Scarlet had gone into her stall. Lets' hope she got the correct one.

No- she was in Scout's stall.  Eating His dinner - seemingly quite content. I 'shooed' her out and she walked across the aisle to her correct stall.  The rest of the evening chores went uneventfully by.

Next evening- I tried the same thing- and yep, Scarlet went into Scouts stall Again.  This time I have thought about that and had put all of her correct feed, etc in there. Scout wouldn't get short-changed again. 

I realized that she'd been telling me clearly that she likes her new stall, so I let her keep it. She's happy as can be now- her buddies are just across the aisle for talking to, and Scout seems to be fine in his new "apartment".  

All is well once again. Its interesting to see how horses will communicate with we humans- so long as WE are intelligent to see / hear it.

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