Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The 'Dirt Devils'

I still have three chicks in the garden tub in the bathroom it seems. ( the bigger ones now are in the tack room) I let them out daily to run about flapping wings and of course pooping on the bathroom carpet while I clean their little brooder out, refill the water n' food. They absolutely crack me up with all the squawking and flapping as they run. So today- I let them stay out a little longer- the day is already pretty much gone, so why not. After much running with little scraggly wings flapping, they settled down to cleaning my carpet. Every little piece of ' what ever' was picked up or inspected closely and then Lizzie ( the Rhode Island Red) began sitting down and scratching w/ her feet. Hmmmmmmmmmm- ???? Then Silver ( the only little Silver Wyandotte) dashed over to see what Lizzie had found. Quick to loose interest, Lizzie went over to where the robes were hanging on the door, and sat down with a theatrical plop. ( that's her peeking out from under the robes) Devon ( the Bigger Dominique) went over and plopped down beside her. They Love sheltered places it seems. Then Silver came over and after much carpet cleaning, started to attempt her first 'dirt bath' ! Lizzie watched and did some scratching and side ways flapping too- soon Devon had enough and she moved back some from the diggers and flappers.

Thats Lizzie the Rhode Island Red peeping out from under the robes on the door....

Silver trying her best to take a dirt bath on the carpet !

Whewwww- time for a rest now... Silver, Lizzie and Devon in front- right

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