Saturday, April 3, 2010

Early Easter Gift x 2 !

Tomorrow is Easter...
 a wonderful holiday where kids get gifts or candy and the adults go to sunrise services at their church of choice. There's a lot more to it, but I'm sure you all know how the story goes. So - 'Happy Easter'  to all who are reading this !!

Each year for a while, there have been " easter animals" who arrive here on or the day before Easter. One year it was a small spotted 'easter bunny', then another it was some 'easter geese', one time, it was something I fail to remember - but each Easter I look forward to what's going to show up here !  Nothing yet- but its merely the day before Easter. I no longer have those photos but I have the memories  :)  

This year, my dear husband surprised me with three old 'Britain' hunting hounds. These are small metal spotted dogs made in England as a part of a fox hunting scene- along with huntsmen, and ladies. I already own some of them, so the fox hounds are perfect. Then today, we went out to find some daisies for Easter flowers.  I ended up choosing a mixture of purple daisies, some daffodils and a couple of other plants all in one container. I love this because there are so many different types of plants, each one will remind me of my husbands' generosity .

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  1. Good job Kris! Love all the posts - now you've caught it all up to date you just have to do one every now and then and you'll be in good shape!


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