Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Great Chicken Coop Caper....

I have been looking for a cheap house for the little Peeps for a week or so. I found some- thanks to friends looking online for a reasonably priced, big enough building to create a Hen House from. One friend sent some very beautiful, but expensive chicken coops that were way out of my price range, and one sent some ads for really nicely made ones but were a little small for 9 chickens to happily live in.....   So the search continued.

One day I was looking thru Craigs' list online ( What a Wonderful site !!) for "items of interest" as I do some times when bored. Horses for sale, tractors, plants ; all sorts of delightful things for a horse farm owner to read about.  I saw an ad for a Cute Chicken Coop- and looked at it more closely. Oh it was Adorable- a small play house that had been changed into a , yes, CUTE house for chickens. It was the correct size, and the person mentioned that she had some fencing and wire too that the buyer could have.  I wrote to ask more about it and she was very good about answering quickly. I asked for some more photos of it and then didn't hear from her again. I thought " oh well, she sold it " and went back to my search.  A few days later- she emailed me - her computer had crashed and she was in the Library catching up on their computers.  YAY - it wasn't sold yet !  I decided then and there that I wanted it. Now to figure out a way to move it to our farm .................

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