Saturday, April 17, 2010

Girl Scouts invade WoodFinn....

A while ago, I was contacted by a Girl Scout leader - the mom of one of the gals who used to ride here.....  She asked me if I could conduct a 'clinic' of sorts for her troop of Girl Scouts- So they could work towards getting their Horsemanship Badge.  I said that it would be great fun to do- and we set up a date for it.

Today was the day !  There were 5-6 of them- ages 8-12 , I believe. Some true horse lovers and some who merely liked horses in the group.  I told them about horse care, stable care, saddles and bridles, some famous horses and more. They got to groom my old App mare , Alli who totally enjoyed herself pestering the girls.  Then we handed out some home made horse treats- and gave some to the Percherons who were inside the barn.  They got a laugh at Evie who got to try a fajita of peanut butter and brown sugar I think.  She liked it after much tasting - and then wanted more, please ??   We didn't want to create any colics, so the horses only got to have a little taste of the Horse treats brought along.  I hope to have helped some horse crazy kids become yet More interested in learning .

Here are some shots of the girls learning about horses :

learning to saddle
Thanks for a fun day, gals !

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