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1st Trailer Ride and a Wedding 1/1/2006

Thursday, September 20, 2006

Evie's 1st trailer ride , wedding 1- 1 2006

This has been an eventful weekend for Evie and us too. Due to the fact that she has to go into the trailer and on a 30 minute trip to the Horse Show this coming Thursday morning, we decided to have a trial run first. Aunt Alli went along too. I think SHE was more nervous than the filly !  Alli loaded well, and was a little confused about backing into her stall, so once Glenn got that accomplished ( Whatttt a good job he did too )- Evie was MORE than happy to walk right up that ramp into the trailer. Hahaha- we STILL don't understand that backing stuff, but she's trying. Glenn decided to just take a little cruise around town- it has a LOT of bumpy areas, turns , stops, etc... Plus THINGS TO SEE OUTSIDE ! My pal, T, came along to help too- one of those 'just in case' things ? We gals rode in the back with the horse girls.

So,off we went... Evie was mystified and a little scared as we bumped long the road from the house.... She did accept some hay from my hand, but was to busy tryin to figure out why the world was suddenly so bouncy/ trouncy. Then we stopped- she braced for it... off we went again- up hills, along noisy bumpy roads, past a family picnic- THAT got a look out of her window !! Then into town, around some turns/ stops, and back towards the farm . She got a little scared w/ the NOISE in that trailer ( WOW, I didn't like it either - will have to fix them) but as she got used to them, and saw that Auntie Alli wasn't concerned, she relaxed into learning how to stay upright in her big stall. She has WAY to much room in it, as its built for mature drafters of huge heights. Evie is teeny still, so she had a lot on her plate so far as understanding things went.

By the time we were on our way home, she'd relaxed enough to dip her head to get some hay, and still stay upright. I do so love this little gal ! So we're on our way to becoming a good hauler :D


WE did NOT get wet on Saturday for the wedding !! When we arrived at the chosen spot,it was cloudy, and rained the whole way down there. The rain had been spotty in showers all morning too. The pick up time for the bride n' her dad was around 3:15 and they weren't on time, of course. The clouds held off on the rain and I think the' keeper of the rain clouds'  might have been helping us out as it didn't Rain - NOT a drop ! Lynn was perfect as usual, but the down hill slope for dropping off the bride n' her dad surprised her a little.

Hahaaha- those two folks IN the carriage were clowning around big time. We just laughed the whole time during our drive.

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