Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tantrums of the Young & Foolish..... 2 06 2007

Oh wow, She and I had a ''go 'round'' this AM. We are keeping some horses in mornings, and putting others out mornings. Then we switch those horses and put the other's out for the afternoon untill this Horrid cold snap LEAVES. Evie is an 'afternoon' horse- when its a little less freezing and the winds are not so awful. Along w/ her Auntie Alli.

Ha- she just about has a filly heartattack over all this !!! Screaming bloody murder, RUNNING around her stall / bucking , knocking what's left of her water from her bucket so it splashes all over with her butt/ shoulders, and kicking at her feed tub. The 'straw to break the camel's back " here this AM was her Rearing at the door ! So, Miss Evie got her nose smacked each time it showed up on the other side of her stall w/ "Mr.Whippy" ( Aka- my old dressage whip) . I had stood there ever so quietly, waiting for her to think she had the Upper hand. Well, she Didn't like THAT one bit, so she got reeaaaaaal mad. When a baby Percheron has a temper tantrum, its TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny ! She stomped her feet,pinned her ears back, looking her MOST horrid - but yanno ? She didn't crash into her stall door any longer. She's smart, but Holy-moly- WHAT a temper she's got.

Then I had the Gall to give her her breakfast hay..... HA! She tore into that, shaking it ALL over her now very poopy stall (all that running about, see ?). As much as I wanted to let her have it verbally, I just walked away, letting HER see that she's not " ALL THAT" in the barn. Only GOOD horses get nice attention,not bad screechy spoiled ones.

A BAD morning for 'Miss Independence' !

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