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Thursday, September 20, 2007

3rd Longe Lesson.... Eve 7 20 2006

It seems my precious little filly is growing up and has formed yet More opinions on her own. She's decided that now she understands " walk on" on the longe line that she knows it all. So when pressed for a little "Trot"- she has a hissy fit and rears up. HIGH. At first I thought she might be confused and reacted as such. But when I asked her to merely walk on ( Which she knows by now)- she went up. Temper temper temper ! Baddddddddddddddddddddddddd Filly . I yelled at her and she went along well for a bit, but got bored, and angry at me for insisting she pay attention to ME, not Suzi or Carli. SO she squealed and went up again. Another good yelling at and a couple of jerks on the line. That's when I realised it WAS temper and not misunderstanding. She walked along with her beautiful ears way back but not pinned... just mad at her 'mom' for making her listen to HER. Then I asked for a lttle teeny Trot, which she picked up pretty well, back to a walk after about 10 strides at a trot ( lordy, she can Move !!). She stopped and pawed. No, Walk on.... Up she went AGAIN. This time I tilted her head a little and she ended up sitting down on the ground . Surprise ! No more rearing after that. I didn't want to push the issue and get her pissy again. She did what was asked and stopped perfectly- and we stopped there. We practiced some backing- perfect- and setting up - not so perfect- but she tried. Ellie had the nerve to trot up her fence line as we were leaving the ring, and Eve whirled to see her.' No, WALK ON, Eve.'.... <> 'OK !' So it seems she has developed a temper and I sure don't care for it one bit. She MUST learn to pay attention to her person and Not the other horses.... this too shall pass. I Hope. <> She's my baby, and I Hate yelling at her and giving her a much needed discipline but I have to remember how big she is going to be and that I won't stand for temper tantrums of the young n' foolish.

Above is a photo of her. (glenn photos) 16.2 hh and GORGEOUS. I tried to make them small... I hope I DID.
A very dark bay- not black any more.( damned sunshine) Oddly enough, she's getting grey hairs all thru her body... might she go grey ? I certainly don't mind in the least - I Love the greys. Just don't wanna have to change those papers any time soon, so I'll wait a few years to be Sure. (;)

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