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Evei's New "Chews" 5 31 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Evies new "chews" 5 31 2007

Hi all,

It seems that since I'm going to be promoting Herself this year in some bigger shows, that we need Shoes. No, not those big wide buggar ones that cause splints and horses stepping on their own feet, but small " Baby/ training" shoes. Right now, Eve is in size 3 saddle horse shoes and she's not real sure about how to move her feet ! Bill the farrier was here this AM to do trims, pull shoes from Carlene and Alli. We 're TRYING them barefoot to see how they do as Alli's on rest and Carlene isn't going to be going any place this summer. Its good for feet to go barefooted and I HOPE this works well. This way, Alli can wear off her hooves as she wants to ( needs to) in order to be more comfortable and Carlene won't be costing me $75.00 every 6 weeks. BUT if they don't do well, I'll have Bill return and put those shoes Back on. Alli will be the one as she's VERY tender footed on the fronts. I Hope its mostly due to having shoes for so long..... stay tuned.

Abby, BB n' Suzi all got trimmed, same w/ Lynda. I put no shoes on her this time due to her not being used as much, and her feet are more healthy barefooted any how. BoJangles got his hinds correctly trimmed due to his dilemma- I hope he feels more comfy now. Turns out Lynn has some DEEP thrush in both front feet.... She grows these tremendous frogs ( big n' healthy) and by the time its trim time, I can't get that deep down to clean them. So we're treating that , along with painting the bottoms of Alli n/ Carlene's hooves now too.

Evie was Wonderful !!! She has been trimmed since she was 3 weeks old ( going thru the motions mostly that time) and had gotten so Bill the Farrier wasn't so bad After All. Remember how Terrified she was of him ? Well, turns out that when one is a LOT taller than the feared thing, the feared thing isn't quite so scary ! So now, she's cool w/ him holding her legs,etc. I just got fronts on her, and she was very, very good with that hammering, sound of hammer hitting steel, etc. She was even great in holding her leg up for such a Long time ! Wow, I'm SO happy with how this filly responds to things.... Side note- turns out that Box Fans sitting on benches are Terrifying !!!!! OMG- she all but fainted from surprise when she came from her stall to see them sitting there ...... She was all crouched down, body tense, ready to Leave Town, and eyes all but popping outta her face. <> I didn't even think that those monsterous items would be noticed, but Eve did . Whew. In about 30 seconds of "shopping'' she was fine that they were sitting there... I moved them to the floor Just in Case she might back into them and they'd fall off. NOT smart !! Talk about a 16.2 hand Explosion ??!!! Thaaaat'd be one. First Bill gave her front feet the normal trim, and Eve figured that was it- back to her stall, right ? Noooooooooooooo.... gotta wait here some more, Evie. So she got Evie kisses, got brushed off some, and her hind legs scratched too. I found one great itchy spot right on top of her spine, and thought I'd save that til when Bill was nailing her shoes on. She got bored with mooshing thru his tool box on the floor and realised it Moved ! So she was shoving it all over- as much as I'd let her. Then she wanted the nails in the boxes to no longer BE in the boxes; that was stopped too. She took the rasps off their holders and almost smacked me w/ one- so that was returned... Then it was " lets' chase the lead" - nooooooooooooo, you gotta just Stand here ! <> Big sigh, and she did, til a fly found her tummy. Then we started all over again. She paid real close attention to all the noise Bill was making outside, and found that pretty fascinating- especially when he dunked the HOT shoes into the water bucket. Steam !! Wooooooooooooooooooooo- head up, ears pointed, eyes taking all in. Her head moved up n' down as Bill dunked that shoe, she was studying it all so closely. Its like I can SEE her thinking / learning- she's so Open about everything. Bill just smiled and shook his head when she all but fell down in surprise from the fans. ( he's got AQHA's and I guess they don't see scary thangs !) He doesn't have much patience w/ bad behaved horses as he's been hurt very BADLY by some in the past, so I go further in teaching the heavy horses to REALLY be good- I don't want Bill loosing his temper or being shoved around by a one ton of bad behaviors. And I don't want them thinking its alright Anyways. So the deal is here, that IF they misbehave, I do the screaming bloody murder at them and he drops the hoof and gets outta the way. Didn't have to talk to Evie but twice this time. .. mostly She n' I just stand there, thinking about "things" . This was a little different- took more patience on her behalf in standing there keeping her balance and being out of the stall for silly things. ( or so She thinks)

So , Evie has front plates on, and is on her way to learning to use her legs w/ a teeny more weight on now. Eventually- IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF she does some winning, we'll consider hinds for the one A-rated show this Fall. Otherwise, her fronts will have to do :)

Am going to get some photos soon, and will send them along in another email . :) I Hope she stayed Clean !!

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