Sunday, June 6, 2010

Evie & the Soda Machine at KILE 10 9 2007

When we were at the horse show on Thursday, Evie didn't want to be left by herself, so we ( she n' I ) did a Lot of wandering about the show grounds. We walked outside,watched the big draft horses of all breeds being hand walked in the morning . We checked out some suspicious garbage cans- the lids were especially scary- and then discovered we could walk thru some people doors after all ! She loved exploring all over the place and began taking the initiative to "shop" herself.

She liked the golf carts- but from a distance as those moving things all but did her in. She liked to watch the horses come off their trailers, and she spoke to each one as they did. Only one big Belgian gelding answered her and she thought that was just SO thrilling ! She touched her muzzle to my arm in excitement. So we wandered back inside to see the sights and find Glenn. I wanted her to see all she could so the next time, it wouldn't be so traumatic for her. We walked up n' down aisles with Huge 18 hand and taller horses gazing over the tops of their stalls at her. We checked out covers on the big hitch wagons and show carts- Evie has this thing about items being TALLER than she is, so she was learning that this was now an okay thing. She was not the tallest horse there, not taller than some wagons ( Some rose over 8' in the air !) and she certainly was not taller than the ceiling ! She'd look up every now n' again, to see it. Pretty interesting stuff up there, it seemed.....

Glenn's knee was aching w/ the nasty weather change ( from bad to GOOD )- so Evie n' I were on our own sometimes. All three of us went thru the tunnel to the show ring, where she n' I watched some Percherons being shown in halter at the in-gate. She lifted her head high when they had to trot w/ their owners, watching intently. She wanted to go in to see those flowers that were put out as decorations, but we weren't allowed, so we gazed at them from afar. Ok- that was boring now. Each time a person or group of people would walk by, she'd put her ears up towards them in interest... Maybe THEY wanted to pet her ???? No, they all just smiled and walked on. Eventually she learned she wasn't the center of attention as she was at home. Bored again..... Well, perhaps another walk, Evie ? Off we went- back down the tunnel lined w/ gorgeous Shire horses, some foals and mamas, waiting for their turn to impress their judge, some big tall black Percheron horses waiting patiently and "ho hum" boring sights, now

Then she stopped dead. Ears alert, head above mine, and frozen. There was a Soda Machine that she had missed on her way thru before. OMG- she didn't quite know WHAT to think of it. It was brightly colored plastic on the front with big hand sized buttons to push to choose which soda/ pop one wanted, and it was "purring". It was actually busily cooling the sodas - but to Evie of very small brain and experience w/ these things - it sounded like a purr. Wow- she wasn't sure if she could even walk Past it, let alone get any closer. Eyes Bugged out as Evie has been known to do, ears all but touching together in alertness, and all muscles prepared to RUN, should she need to. I asked her to come closer which she tried to do but her knees wouldn't bend much w/ taunt muscles. I rubbed her neck, explaining all about sodas and how the machine worked, as she took it all in. Moving her head up n' down and then relaxing a second only to be on alert again- just in case it would attack. The gals at the little food booth right next door were cracking up as was Glenn too. I tried really hard to not laugh as SHE was petrified ! At long last ( abt a couple of minutes) I asked Evie to come touch her monster machine. Again, she tried, but no go, so I did. OH MY !!!!! No way was she coming near that thing now. She jumped back and scared the weanling Shire that was standing calmly against the wall. Now four horses were on alert- Just in Case. I rubbed her neck and laughed at her being so silly- all for a soda machine. She relaxed and took a step towards it... Everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so slowly, she touched it w/ her nose. The buttons moved and she jumped back in surprise, bug-eyed. Again, she tried to touch the plastic.... nothing, so she shoved it some. Noise, and another jump in place. She got so she thought it fun to shove the buttons and hear the funny sounds after about three touches.Each time w/ eyes popping and ears flapping forwards in surprise. I could hear laughter coming from the food booth each time she'd shove a button, with a look of glee on her face. The food booth ladies were enjoying Evies' adventure too.

This filly learns so fast and is getting to be so trusting ! We were busily laying a great foundation for a yearling to be shown next year and be trusting in the things I ask her to do. Evie has impressed me again it seems. She turned 6 months old that day, and there have been SO many 'firsts' this past month. She's come thru them all with class and interest. After I'd blown my foot, we went home- I hurt SO much. This little filly loaded herself, I scurried up the ramp behind her- and was trying really hard to back her little black butt into " Evies" stall before I could get turned around. I think our filly was more than ready to GO HOME. She traveled like a trooper, guzzled her hay all the way back to the farm and the only thing that startled her then was a big silver semi making a LOT of noise as it passed us. Open windows= Lots of noise and stink from trucks ! Ughhhhhhhhhhh. She learned so much on one short trip, and was conked out in her stall soon after finishing her evening meal of baby feed n' oil. Evie was poohed out from a day at a horse show .

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