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Evie update and other Misc Items 1/3/07

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Evie update & other misc items 1 3 2007

Hi all,

Here we go again. Evie has grown ! She's now a smidgeon under 15.2 and is level on her top line for the first time in ages. She's going to turn 9 months old this coming Friday ( Jan 5th) and isn't learning much at all. Just re-hashing the old things, and getting more practiced at them all.

Glenn was out w/ his camera and got some up to date photos of her. She had been laying down in the greasy mud, which got my attention. So I'd gone out to check her out. Seems she just wanted to lay on her hay and was fine. I Think Alli may have connected with one of her kicks from last night - stupid ol' mare had a grumpy stick up her butt- and Evie learned to back OFF, when her auntie is grumpy.'Nother lesson learned....

She's brown, thanks to the sun, but looks real dark, like dark chocolate. She has learned 'go to your dish" very well, but tests me to see if I do mean what I say. She has learned to use kisses as a way to get out of doing something..... Not good. <> She is fascinated by Bob the Belgian. She'll stand there gazing over the fence at him as though she's trying to figure out just WHAT he is doing here. She doesn't act grumpy, just more interested in him. He looks back and she walks off. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

She still looks at the farrier like he is going to beat her or something . I didn't know Bill was that frightening . She leads real well for Glenn now- no more testing on that idea. He had to yell at her one time and wriggle her lead - voila ! Perfect filly. Evie has decided to find something to scare herself about every time we go up the barn aisle or towards her stall. She looks real hard at the kitty hut w/ blankets in it- one day it might just Jump to get her, so it must be watched. Then , oh my, the 2x6's standing up against the aisle wall are dangerous as well. The big white carriage ? Nope, nothing scary about it, nor the show cart with the naugahyde cover, nor the old show cart covered in white plastic. Nope.... Just that kitty hut and those boards ! Go figure. We have to pay close attention to her while leading her in or out, due to these monsterous items. According to Evie, anywho. I sure don't want to get blasted sideways by a filly who mentally is so young but as big and heavy as a mature riding horse.

Soon, we'll learn more about towels, plastic bags n' more- as I get better that is. Right now, I'm on "horsey leave'' till my back heals a bit more...Haaaaaa- like a flippin MONTH. Sheeeeeeeeesh.... BUT I will listen to the Dr, because as my older brother reminds me, I'm not 30 anymore, and don't bounce back like before. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, sit I shall. But I'll complain every chance I get too !

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