Sunday, June 6, 2010

March 16th 2007 Evie

Evie loves snow. She will walk around just like her mom used to ; head down w/ her nose in it- making nose trails in it. Katie does the same thing ,and I don't know how Eve learned as it never snowed when they were together. We kept the horses inside the barn yesterday due to rotten weather, so they were all pretty eager to go OUT today in this snow. They all behaved pretty well but for Guess WHO. Right- my prancy-dancey yearling filly. Oh she just couldn't contain herself as well as the older horses- so she bounced down the aisle to outside.

Then : OMG- she saw the blue tarp over some hay and the dreaded shavings bags in the hay stall ! THOSE warrented a good close look for certain. Eyes bugged out, feet askew, she froze, looking at them and blowing. She was Sure they were monsters and that they certainly were going to eat her as a snack. Soon they were no longer interesting ( like 30 seconds) and it was off to Other Things. She then began the bounce till we got to Glenn who was returning from turning 'Aunt Alli 'out- HE was scary TOO. Of course, he had snow on his shoulders and didn't say anything to her. Ha- once he said "G'mornin' Evie !" she knew who thaaaaaaaaat was. Once she was loose, she grabbed some hay from Alli's pile and took off up the hill - effortlessly galloping. A big turn around Dixie's grave and back down, sliding to a stop in front of another pile of hay, grabbed some more,a snort or two, and took off down the hill this time. Bucking/ farting herself down and allllllllllll the way back again. I think thats' about it for a Percheron so far as exercise goes. She played some more, made some nose trails, and settled down to eating breakfast hay.

SO far, Evie is 15.3 and 7/8ths hands tall. Not Quite 16 hands yet, but come April, she will I'm hoping for at least 18 hands once she's all done growing. She's a hoot to be around, listens pretty well and is developing her own definate personality. I am careful to not squelch this personality as some trainers will in order to have the youngsters listen to them. She MUST behave though. Still she hasn't discovered that she doesn't HAVE to follow Aunt Alli all over the place. Especially when Alli is walking/ trotting the fence in hopes of coming in First. There's Alli, andddddddddddddddd Eve following along, and from her face, wondering "and Alli's doing this, WHY ?? " One of these days Eve will get confident enough to NOT follow along, but that's up to her. I've already seen her making the choice to hang w/ the greys when Alli is doing this stuff..... so its coming.

All the other beasties are fine- Carlene is SOUND and happy as a clam... I do believe we've won the WAR with this grand mare !! The greys are fine, Bo's heel is healing up real well, Suzi is still a little sore but only a teeny bit on her hind leg. That is looking good , too.

Hope you enjoyed this shortened version of March updates. Plans for hitching are AGAIN put on hold- thanks to this stupid snow. When its COLD out, my reaction times are slow and so are the body parts to react, ( not to mention knees that ache in this weather) so I have learned to not bother w/ trying to work green horses nor ground drive them at all. HA- plus walking thru all that @#(*&@(* snow. GRRRRRRRRRRR... I sure did NOT want all of this white stuff, things had dried out SO nicely. <> But- it won't last for everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!

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