Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ellie is Here 5 1 2007

It all began because I needed another quiet lesson horse. I asked around some, read some ads in tack shops, and even asked Amber to ask around school for cheap priced horses. Nothing to ancient, nothing nutty, etc.... we had The List. Amber has learned a TON of things since she's been helping here and knew what to ask and What I was looking for.

Soooooooooooooo, she found an ancient App who was free- no, to old at 25.... Then she mentioned two horses that her friend's sister had for sale. Oh ?? She asked her friend more questions. This went on for like a week.... Found out she was a mare that Amber had ridden quite some time ago and said she was a nice horse. Well, that was a while before she knew much about horses like she knows now. Her friend said that the one mare had a foal who was for sale too. Just not enough time to have 3 horses as her older sis was going to college now. The mare had something wrong w/ her eye, and Amber knew enough to ask about it- wow, this kid has learned ! Amber would then report things to me. The mare sounded alright enough to go see at least. I told Amber that unless she would fit in here, we'd might not buy her- so Amber was prepared to go SEE her......

Well we made an appt w/ the sister and got there late due to getting stuck in traffic, but got there ! :) Just when one needs to drive straight thru..... whew. Anyway, the sister had her 'cleaned up' and saddled but not bridled. Odd I thought. Ha- one thump under that heavy saddle blanket and I knew WHY she was saddled. Rail thin w/ ribs popped BIG time, thin neck, thin head, everything was thin- her mane, and tail even ! I just sighed and thought ''you Poor thing , you, life has been tough hasn't it ?" We watched the gal ride her, mare seemed to have a nice soft mouth, responded to lightness too. Amber rode her, and she was fine w/ a new rider too. Bucked and played on the longe line- so that was positive. I know she will have double the energy once she's up to weight, but its that sensibility about her that I liked too. Her legs showed no sign of being raced and used up. The only thing was her cataract, but we're used to seeing from one eye only horses around here.... so it was no big deal. No breathing troubles either, which I'm shy about now.... I KNEW Carli had troubles before I got her- I certainly didn't want to ADD more horses like that. Pretty much she was A-okay just terribly thin. So I asked how little would this gal take for a half starved, blind in one eye, older mare ?? Hmmmmmmmm, talk about an ego come down. ( yeah, I DO know horses pretty well, kiddo <>) I got her for a song, and due to knowing how to build up thin horses and how to properly love a TB horse, she was sold. Amber was quietly pleased as she chattered the whole way home about her. We got her papers, some splint boots ( in purple- kinda neat ) two ratty bridles and one alright nylon one plus a show saddle blanket -western. So it was a pretty good deal I think ! <> So, she's registered, a proven broodmare, never raced, sound and is 14 yrs old, 15.1 hands tall. Solid bay, no white at all. I don't know how well bred she is but she has this "royal air" about her - if that makes sense.

Glenn n' I went to get her yesterday and well,. you know the rest of the tale. Stay tuned :)

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