Sunday, June 6, 2010

Condensing !

I had three blogs going at one time- and had added the same info on each one. One was Horsetales and this one - plus one more. So what I did was condense all the stories to this one blog !  If you are reading them, I have them all dated when they happened- NOT when I added them here. Now to go back later on and add the photos .

The weather here has been weird.... Tornado watches all afternoon, grey skies, and an odd kind of breeze blowing.  No tornadoes. thank goodness- but we did have some Thunder Storms travel thru- mostly around us. Now ?  It is clearing up and is becoming one grand early summer afternoon ! 

Last week a big nasty summer storm went around us and afterwards, a most wonderful rainbow !  Here's the photo I got of it :

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