Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23 2010

Its HOT !!!!  Good grief- the humidity was higher than the temperature yesterday evening. I don't like it so humid- but thats' the weather on the east coast, so one would think I'd have gotten used to it  Years ago. 

This morning, there were two gals here - working students- to help. We got done in record time- by 9:15 AM !   Wow- if this continues, I'll be able to get Abby out when its still a little cool .  YAY !

Carlene, the Clydesdale mare is now staying in during the days and out at night. Perhaps it will be a little cooler for Her.... and help with her COPD which is getting worse all the time. She is getting Ventipulim almost daily now to help her lungs work more easily.....  She has been here for 5 years now and basically happy. She was to be put down a few weeks before I said I'd take her and her problems on.  Inevitably she'll get so bad, that I'll have to possibly make a big choice For her..... I hope she has a few more years though. She is a very beloved part of our farm.

The little horses ( Old Ladies, Scarlet, Scout n Sunny) are doing fine in the heat.  They are drinking a ton of water and I've been keeping those outside tubs freshened up almost daily.  Tomorrow is 'wash the tubs w/ soapy water and spray clean'' day.  The to refill w/ nice cool fresh water for them.

The Working Students are GREAT to have around !  What good company they are and I enjoy them being here each day.  I count myself as lucky to have such wonderful horsey folks here, wanting to learn, learn, learn.   Oh- and ride TOO.  :)

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